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Catholic Video Game Productions

The Falling Age
For the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Are you prepared for a challenge?
The Falling Age is a simple game to learn. You can move left, you can move right, and you can start over. But oh, how difficult the levels get.

The object is simply to fall to the bottom of the screen.

Try the Lite version first - you will see wether your device meets the system requirements and you can test the first 20 levels for free. The full version of 90 levels of course has no ads and will be available in December of 2010.

Your score:
D: If you got stuck in the grass levels, then you probably either quit the game because the challenge did not come to you quick enough.
C: If you got stuck on level 11, that is average. Yes, you can beat the level, just keep trying!
C+ If you got to level 20 and quit there, hey, that is above average!
B If you got stuck in the wook levels, you did good.
B+_ If you got stuck in the crystal levels, you did better than good.
A If you got stuck in the lava levels, you did excellent.
A+ If you got stuck in the iron levels, A+ to you dude. But if you made it to the iron levels, you probably wouldn't stop there...
100% If you beat the game.

Notes and hints:

If you make it to the level with the blue button block, tap the block with your finger as your ball is on top of it.
If you select "New Game" and suddenly you lost your place on like level 40, don't worry, you can continue at your furthest point by dragging your finger from the center of the falling star on the opening screen over to the continue button
And a special hint just for visiting this page - when you get to the Yellow Button Blocks, the way they work is this: the button controlls the yellow trigger block. The sequence is Die, Fall, Tube. So if you land on an yellow trigger block before ever hitting a button block, it will be "die". If you land on a Yellow Button block once, it will be "Fall". If you land on two Yellow Button blocks, it will be "Tube". If you land on three, the Yellow Trigger block goes back to "die". Four - fall. Then tube. Then die then fall then tube, die, fall, tube die fall tube over and over! It will make sense once you are there... :)

Don't give up - yes all the levels can be beat.